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The holiday region Schladming-Dachstein offers numerous attractions and excursion destinations. That's why our guests like to come to us several times. A single stay is not enough to experience everything. Here are a few classics:

The Stoderzinken

Stoderzinken - 2.047m altitude

Friedenskircherl on Stoderzinken

The Stoderzinken Alpenstraße

The Stoderzinken is home to many different hiking destinations - nicknamed "the most scenic mountain in the Schladming Dachstein region" - and is Gröbming's most well-known local mountain, reaching an elevation of 2,047 meters above sea level.

The 12 km drive up from Gröbming-Winkl via the newly upgraded, toll-free Stoderzinken High-Alpine Road is a unique experience in itself!

Including with the Sommercard

The toll is included for you with the Sommercard!
Please note the period of validity.


Drive to Gröbming, at the main square follow the signpost Stoderzinken.

Adventure Park Gröbming with the new "Zip-Line"

Adventure Park Gröbming

High in the forest canopy, a high ropes-style course has been created sure to appeal to practically all age groups. It is a unique adventure to move about across suspension bridges and wooden beams from tree to tree. And with the difficulty increasing steadily, it is certain to appeal to everyone. You don't need any prior climbing experience, but you should definitely have a head for heights.

With the zip line you will be able to fly from the Stoderzinken at 1.600 m above sea level down to the opposite mountain at 900 meters, winding up in Gröbming Adventure Park. You will zoom across the valley a total length of 2.5 km on 4 parallel lines, reaching an amazing high speed of as much as 70 km/h.

Zipline Stoderzinken Gröbming

Lake Bodensee at Aich

Lake Bodensee in Schladming-Dachstein
Lake Bodensee

Lake  Bodensee is flanked by imposing waterfalls.

This lake, which literally teems with fish, is also the site of an impressive delta of in-flowing mountain streams.
Glorious lake setting in which to go boating, hiking, or simply soak up some sunshine and daydream the hours away. No bathing!

Walking distance from the parking:

  • 20 min flat footwalk to the Lake Bodensee
  • 60 min walk around the lake
  • 100 min hiking to walterfall and walk around the lake
  • 100 min upwalk to Hans-Wödl-Hütte
Including with the Sommercard

The toll is included for you with the Sommercard!


  • Seewigtalstüberl at the Parking of Lake Bodensee – Daniel Mairamhof : +43 664 3140510
  • Gasthof Forellenhof direkt am Bodensee – Fam. Fink: +43 3686 4697
  • Hans-Wödl-Hütte am Hüttensee (1528 m) – Sepp Schweiger: +43 664 7638908
  • Zauneralm im Seewigtal an der Bodenseestraße – Fam. Fuchs:+43 3686 4610


Go on B320 direction Schladming – at Aich turn left to direction Bodensee

The Schwarzensee at Sölktäler Nature Park

Schwarzensee at Sölktäler Nature Park
Breitlahn Hut at Sölktäler Nature Park

The largest lake in the Schladminger Tauern is located near the valley head in the Kleinsölker Obertal at 1,150 m above sea level.

The water showpath "Schwarzensee" gives an insight into the diverse habitats and exciting behaviors that are in close contact with the life-giving water. On fens, mountain streams and still waters, various animal and plant species feel at ease. Among them lives an inconspicuous but fascinating plant: the carnivorous sundew.

A special rarity is the "Fichten-Kondenswassermoor". Between the coarse blocks occur in the summer months so cold temperatures that form icicles at the exit holes.

Including with the Sommercard

The toll is included for you with the Sommercard!


Stein an der Enns – Kleinsölktal
Walking time: approx. 3 hours for the round trip
Altitude difference: just under 300 m

Local history & folk heritage museum at Schloss Trautenfels

Schloss Trautenfels

Universalmuseum Joanneum Schloss Trautenfels

Visit the local history & folk heritage museum at Schloss Trautenfels at the foot of the Grimming, where you will pick up all kinds of interesting facts about the land and people of Ennstal valley in Upper Styria. Learn about culture, history, religion, as well as the flora and fauna of Styria's Ennstal valley.
And because the museum has been designed to be easily understood, it is also very appealing to children.

Including with the Sommercard

The entry is included for you with the Sommercard!


Go on B320 direction Liezen, turn left before the crossing Trautenfels

Naturparkhaus Schloss Großsölk

Schloss Großsölk

Naturparkhaus Schloss Großsölk

The historic house was built in the 14th century and has always had an important function for the old trade routes over the Sölk Pass. Since 1998 the castle Großsölk of the nature park Sölktäler is used for museum purposes and as event center.

The permanent exhibition "Natura Mirabilis" presents itself in six medieval castle rooms. They enter a world 200 years ago when Johann von Hohensee still lived and researched in the castle. In modern optics, using virtual notebooks and interactive stations, you can see exciting natural and cultural phenomena.

Including with the Sommercard

The entry is included for you with the Sommercard!


Go to Stein an der Enns – follow the signs to Sölkpass. On your left side is Schloss Großsölk.

Opening hours:

daily without Thursday and Friday

Slow Train to the "Kräuterbauernhof"

Bummelzugfahrt zum Kräuterbauernhof am Michaelerberg

Slow train ride to Austria's highest herb farm

Take an afternoon excursion on the slow train to the Herb Farm on Michaelerberg.

The herb farmer Christiane Percht guides you through her fragrant herb garden and explains the over 300 different herbs and spices.

Experience a guided tour of the highest herb farm in Austria and enjoy the magnificent view over the Ennstal!

When: each Wednesday
Duration: app. 4 hours
Join at 13:05 directly at the hotel.
Registration: the day before until 17:00

Sölktäler Nature Park

Sölktäler Nature Park lies in the eastern portion of the Dachstein-Tauern Region in the Niedere Tauern range.
In area it spans some 227 km², consisting of two valleys, Grosses and Kleines Sölktal, as well as the surrounding mountain world.

Numerous tarns and mountain chalets dot the landscapes of this alpine nature park.

Impressions of Sölktäler Nature Park

Lodenwalker at Ramsau

Ramsau is the site of a well-known loden mill, the "Lodenwalker", where various clothing items, including the famous "Schladminger" jacket, are manufactured.

Guided tours are free, though appointments are necessary. You will learn fascinating details about loden and how it is made, and afterwards you will even have the chance to do a little loden shopping of your own.

Latschenbrennerei Planneralm

Visit the highest natural pharmacy in Styria. Visit the Latschenbrennerei and experience how the natural product "Latschenöl" is made. In the fragrance hut you can experience this unique experience.

Including with the Sommercard

The entry is included for you with the Sommercard!

Admont Benedictine Abbey

Admont Benedictine Abbey

Nestled amid the wild, untamed alpine landscapes of Gesäuse National Park, Admont Benedictine Abbey exudes a powerful character that is quite beyond compare. Its 7600 m² museum spans a world from ancient to modern.

Aside from the world's biggest abbey library, the museum also houses an art-history collection, a multimedia presentation about the abbey, a collection of contemporary art, special exhibitions along with the natural history museum.

Including with the Sommercard

The entry is included for you with the Sommercard!

UNESCO world heritage The Dachstein

Wandern am Dachstein

The Dachstein, Styria's highest peak, along with its glacier, is a popular magnet for visitors throughout the year.

In addition, the Dachstein offers its imposing "Hunerkogl Glacier Lift" and the recently built "Skywalk" lookout platform - the most spectacular anywhere in the Alps, a special highlight for everyone

Including with the Sommercard

Dachstein Glacier Lift is included from 2 nights or longer with your Sommercard!

Salza Stausee and waterfall

Salza Wasserfall

Nestled between the foothills of the Grimmings and the Kemetgebirge is the wildly romantic Salza reservoir with a length of 5 km and a water content of 11 Mil. m³.

The Salza Reservoir is located in a nature reserve. Cycling and hiking to the barriers (1.5 km from the start of the lake) possible. From the barrier to the dam traffic prohibition (also applies to cyclists) and also prohibition for pedestrians (rockfall rockfall danger).

Worth seeing: the Salza waterfall!

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