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The Schladming Dachstein region, with its many side valleys, is the hiking paradise in Styria! From leisurely strolls to challenging mountaineering tours up the some 3,000 meters-tall Dachstein, the highest mountain in Styria - here, everyone finds something that's perfect for them. 

Here with us, outdoors fans have countless opportunities for hiking, mountaineering and even rock climbing. More than 1,000 km of marked hiking paths, theme paths, scenic walks, pilgrimage paths, as well as via ferrata climbs, promise both gentle nature experiences as well as exciting mountain adventures.

Nature puts on a particularly impressive show for hikers in this part of the world, with our imposing mountains, lush alpine pastures, over 300 clear, beautiful mountain lakes and those utterly breathtaking panoramas.

And of course, how could we forget those friendly mountain huts and chalets, inviting you to step inside for hearty snacks or a shot of schnapps distilled here in the region!


Hotel Häuserl im Wald is the ideal base for hikes of all difficulty levels!


From right here at the hotel, beautiful and, for the most part, flat footpaths lead you through the neighboring forests and meadows of the Mitterberg high plateau. Breathe in the clear and pure mountain air of Mitterberg, all the while taking in the magical view of our mountains! In just a few minutes' drive, you will be able to reach many trail heads for other nature experiences and memorable hiking tours.

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Great free services for all hikers with the Sommercard!

inklusive Sommercard Schladming Dachstein

Free use of mountain lifts (1 ride per day) and 1 ride up the  
     Dachstein glacier, home to the exciting Sky Walk
Free hiking buses, hiking taxi and toll roads
Guided hikes, theme hikes, gorge adventures


Fascinating scenic hikes in Schladming Dachstein

Hiking continues to be the best way to explore the countryside. Only when you go at your own pace, are you also able to experience those perfect moments on the trail's edge, and guaranteeing that you will also be able to discover a wonderful harmony between your personal feelings and thoughts.

Interaktive Wanderkarte: Wandern in Schladming DachsteinIn the interactive Schladming-Dachstein hiking guide, more than 160 different tours are described in detail. With the help of satellite pictures, maps and 3-D views, even now, from the comfort of your own home, you will be able to set out on the virtual trail and begin to plan what is certain to be an unforgettable hiking vacation. We are happy to present to you a small selection of the most beautiful hikes:


Hiking in Sölktäler Nature Park - mountains make you feel truly alive

Sölktäler Nature Park, whose virgin landscapes include 277 km² of the most beautiful summits in the Niedere Tauern range, encompasses two different valleys: the Grosses and the Kleines Sölktal.

The Grosses Sölktal, with its wonderful scenic road, Sölk Pass, was actually the most important trade route over the Tauern divide back in Roman times. Kleines Sölktal is an ideal starting point for leisurely hikes to alpine villages and to the jewels of the Alps, our silent, mysterious mountain tarns.

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The sound of boundless rushing waters provides the accompaniment along many of our hikes, and that includes through our forests, across alpine pastures and up to the high peaks.

The heart and soul of the Nature Park are the countless huts and hill farms where, in summer, traditional farm work and folk customs leave their stamp on daily life. Cows, sheep and people are all enjoying essentially a "summer getaway" up in the mountains of the Sölktäler - much to the joy of hikers and visitors alike, especially those who appreciate fresh milk, homemade bread & butter, as well as delectable Styrian cheese.

Hiking, experiencing nature, but also understanding, taking your time, stopping in at mountain huts, listening to the water's melodies, discovering flowers, and enjoying the diversity of our forest and mountain scenery.

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