Austria's Culinary Regions - GenussWirt

We are a certified GenussWirt and look forward to treating you to a wonderful selection of regional dishes. In our menu, you will find typical products from the "Steirerkas Cheese", "Styrian Pumpkinsed Oil" and "Styrian Horseradish" culinary regions.

Genusswirt - Austria's culinary regions
  • Austria's "GenussWirte" are restaurants that stand for guaranteed origin and quality of the products offered. They are living examples of regionality, seasonality and Austrian hospitality - every single day.
  • "Genuss Regionen" are regions that promote natural and sustainable food production. Aside from an outstanding flavor resulting from high quality, this also guarantees a good feeling as you eat.
  • "Genusswochen" in harmony with the seasons
    Different products are in their prime during every season. And that's when they taste at their best. A great opportunity, then, for guests to enjoy each season with all of their senses.
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Culinary Weeks at the Häuserl im Waldzoom

Autumn with the Farmers' Wives

"Autumn with the Farmers' Wives" - member business

Our membership in "Autumn with the Farmers' Wives" - a broad cooperation in the Liezen district between farming, restaurants, tourism, culture and heritage - is yet further evidence of our close ties to local suppliers of high-quality, enjoyable regional products.

Numerous special events, including right here at our hotel, mark harvest time in autumn.
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