Smovey - energizing your life

Smovey during your holiday at Hotel Häuserl im Waldzoom

Take advantage of this great opportunity to get to know "Smovey" during your holidays! Check out the "smovey vibroswing" with fitness coach and smovey instructor, Susanne Adler!

Free once-weekly for our hotel guests!

When: Wednesday at 9 a.m., meets at the reception.
Takes place outdoors or inside the hotel - the location is flexible.

Lasts: 50 minutes, comfortable workout clothing recommended.

Please register by 5 p.m. Tuesday at the reception.
Thank you!


Smovey - it's fun and it's healthy!

  • Suitable for all ages, a really cool sports, health and therapy trainer, recommended by doctors, physios and massage therapists
  • Activates the whole body (97% of muscles, arms, legs, tummy, bottom), relieves deep muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area, strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Mobilizes the metabolism (diabetes), digestive system
  • Revitalizes soft tissue and strengthens bone structure
  • Promotes synapse generation, concentration, coordination and creativity, stimulating the left and right sides of the brain
  • Counterbalance to hyperactivity 
  • Is gentle on the joints, aids in combating osteoporosis as well as rheumatism  
  • Supports flow of lymphatic fluid and activates the lymph/thymus glands (removes fluid deposits in tissue, detoxifies)
  • Alleviates neurological complaints such as Parkinson's, MS and many more

Smovey - vibrant rhythms - deep relaxation

Within just a few minutes of starting this program, you will have forgotten the stresses and problems of your hectic daily life, floating in a state of deep and total relaxation.

After applying custom-tailored therapeutic oils to your skin, an especially gentle smovey technique focuses on your energy pathways. This will not only help you achieve deep physical and mental relaxation, it will also promote regeneration and well-being.

More information about this treatment

Advance registration required

Lasts: 50 minutes

Price for our guests: € 65 per person

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