Massages at the Hotel

Enjoy a soothing massage in a relaxed atmosphere!

Please let us know your preferences at the reception desk, and we'll take care of the rest! Our masseuses look forward to giving you the pampering you deserve  ...



Full-body massage, ca. 50 min.
Your whole body will be loosened up by means of beneficial massage holds

€ 44,-

Sport massage, ca. 50 min.
A massage involving kneading, pulling and pushing, "just what the doctor ordered" for an athlete's tired muscles

€ 44,-

Back massage, ca. 25 min.
Targeted massage holds result in all of the back muscles relaxing!

€ 32,-

Combo massage - back and foot reflexology massage, ca. 1 hour
These two types of massage combine the reflexology zones in the soles of the feet and relaxation of the back muscles, simultaneously stimulating the meridians (energy pathways) which are located there, especially: the bladder and gallbladder
Your benefits: your muscles become looser, while organ function is enhanced!

€ 60,-

Foot reflexology massage, ca. 25 min.

Based on techniques pioneered by Hanne Marquardt, this treatment alleviates pain and improves organ function.

€ 47,-

Slimming treatment (available on demand)
Lymph drainage, ca. 45 min.

Using the techniques of Dr. Vodder, cleanses and detoxifies the body.

€ 48,-

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